On my weekly update #8 I mention I was close to been addicted to a game. This week I didn’t play as much but I caught myself opening it out of habit.

After analyzing the game mechanics, I decided to follow Annie’s advice and deleted the it from my phone. I transferred ownership of the account to a friend in the game. I’m sure he’ll have fun and continue to devote time to it. He got an early Christmas gift, my account has 24 million more power than his 🙂

It’s a war game and the main goal is to get stronger. There’s no ‘winning’ or ‘finishing’ the game. I have a bit of an obsessive personality and quickly figured out a way to increase my commander’s power, increase my amount of troops, my defenses, etc. To stay at the top you have to keep playing. I have to give credit to the developers of the game; they did a great job incorporating all kinds of addictive mechanics into the it.

Thanks Annie for your wise words 🙂 You’ll be getting more blog entries this week, such as my riveting No entry earlier today!