Need new new shoes

A couple of weeks ago I got new shoes and today I’m returning them because they’re causing me pain. 

At first I thought it was just a matter of breaking them in but after several uses it seems my plantar fasciitis reared its ugly again face due to the new shoes.

The last couple days I wore my older shoes and things are getting better. I’m actually annoyed that because of this small set back I’m behind on my weekly goals. I only ran once early in the week, in the new shoes, the next day I had a hard time even walking. 

Hopefully I get fitted correctly this time  in something more appropriate for me.

Then I can officially retire this good old friends. 

New headphones

Listening to music, podcasts, and audio books while I’m running, jogging or walking seems to make the time pass faster. This doesn’t apply when walking with friends.

Last week I decided to invest in a nice set of wireless headphones. I read rave reviews about them and I made the jump.

I purchased the JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Wireless headphones. I love mostly everything about them.

Things I love

  • I can customize the sound profile and it carries accross any device
  • How light they are
  • The design
  • How comfortable they are
  • It can pair it to two devices at the same time and it works!

Things I don’t love

  • Range – The connection occasionally cuts in and out intermittently.  This happens when I have the phone on my left hand or left pocket. It works well when I have my phone on my right hand or right pocket. According to the manufacturer there are two reasons for this behavior 1) the headset antenna is located in the right-side earpiece and 2) the optimal range for the device is 2 feet from your music device. It seems this is an industry standard with any wireless headsets. I’ll have to test this claim for myself using other wireless headsets.
  • Battery – The battery life is about 4 hours without the charging clip. The charging clip adds another 4 hours to the headset, it also adds a little weight.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase and plan to keep it.

Do you have any experience with wireless headsets? I’m skeptical about the range claim.

End of Month Update

This has been my most productive month activity wise ever! I suppose it’s easy when I’ve only been consistently tracking  for two months.

I use Runkeeper to track my activity. This month I logged 18 activities and 53 miles vs 10 activities and 27 miles last month.

I also use the Couch to 5K application for the first 30 mins. I walk/jog/run as much as I can after.

I was reminded by SlowRunnerGirl and my friend who is a marathon runner that I shouldn’t focus only on speed. Today I ran the couch to 5k routine slower than other days but felt good at the end.

Next on the list: Sleep. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier than my regular midnight+ bedtime. I’ve set a goal of going to sleep by 11pm at least 4 nights a week. To help with the early bedtime I’ve also committed to removing the TV from my room. I’m determined that my bedroom will be for sleeping and sex; not in that order!

Next on the list: Diet. The good news I haven’t gained weight. The bad news I haven’t lost weight in over a week. I haven’t been watching what I eat as an experiment. I wanted to see if exercise alone would make me lose some weight. I found the answer: NO.

Run related purchases:

  • New shoes – Brooks 13
  • Running soxs
  • Running boxer briefs
  • Running Hydration Pack
  • Fitbit Blaze – I’d like to determine my base heart monitor, then I increase intensity or distance as my body adjusts to the exercise.

Thanks for reminding!