Hi I’m Will!

I’m a mid 30s; Professional; Latino; living in Boston.

This page will be updated periodically. So next time you stop by it might have updated facts.

In April 2016 I made a decision to improve my health and wellness. I’m grateful I made this decision on my own. I didn’t have any by medical conditions that forced me to change.

I’ll be documenting my journey in this blog.

The purpose of this blog is for ME to document my progress as I attempt to lose approximately 100 pounds in approximately  18 months! When I graduated form High School my weight was about 165-170, at the end of April 2016 my weight was 270!

Update 1: January 18, 2017 – It’s been 9 months since I started making changes. Thus far I’ve lost 40 lbs, which I’m super excited about. I also feel better and have more energy.

In mid May 2016 I posted an article which outlines some of the reasons why I made the decision to change, check it out if you’d like to learn more.

I’m a big Amazon shopper so I created an Amazon Affiliate account. If you purchase any product by following a link from here, I will receive a small commission. I’m not getting paid to list or rate products. I only link to products I’ve purchased and use. Transparency.