I’m Not Ready for Hills

On my last entry I mentioned that my buddy Mike wanted to test out the bike during my hunt yesterday. What I didn’t mention is that he was dead by the time he was done. We thought it was due the heat, humidity and perhaps the bike was the wrong size for him. 

Today I decided to go out on the bike for what I thought would be a few laps around the Breakheart Reservation. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious! The place is comprised of an inner loop with modest inclines and an outer loop with a lot more steep inclines. Both loops converge as one once you get close to the parking lot.

I figured I’d do the inner loop to get warmed up. Boy was I wrong! Right out of the gate the modest inclines got me winded! I knew I was going to have a hard time.

Earlier this week I was reading an article by Jim from Fit Recovery where he defines the Baby Ring. I was reading and thinking ‘I should stay away from the baby ring!’ Nope!!! I was on the baby ring for about three quarters of today’s 5 mile ride.

Today was my third time on the bike. 

  1. 10 miles to test the bike from Swampscott to Nahant
  2. 16 miles along Revere beach to Deer Island in Winthrop
  3. 5 miles at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus

This means I’ve ridden 30 miles this week. My buddy Jose rides 30 miles in one afternoon for fun! His last entry on Strava this weekend was 55 miles! 

I’ll stay away from Breakheart Reservation for a while. I need to get some endurance under my belt before trying it again. 

Why is the bike by the bushes? Because I couldn’t finish climbing one of the more steep inclines. I got off and walked to the top. My legs were burning! I had to stretch and take a couple of minutes before continuing. 

Why was I on the baby ring for most of it? Because I needed it for the inclines and didn’t pedal on the way down. 

Needless to say that I didn’t go around multiple times. I only went around each loop once! Now I have a new challenge.