Pan-Mass Challenge

This weekend I participated in the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) for the first time. The goal of the event is to raise money for cancer research and treatment. So, if you can, please give in any amount that you can.

I decided to ride because I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been touched in some way by this terrible disease; a family member, a loved one, a close friend, a colleague at work.

As a rider you choose to ride either one day or two days. Each day offers different distance options.

Saturday offers two options – 84 miles or 111 miles. Sunday offers more options – 27 miles, 47 miles, or 80 miles. Riders get to choose which days and distances they want to ride.

I chose to ride both days; 111 miles on Saturday and 80 miles on Sunday. 

I’ve been riding for about a year now and had never ridden more than 80 miles in a single day.

The thought of having to ride 111 miles in a single day didn’t scare me much. I knew I could do it; even if I was the last rider to finish. What scared the hell out of me was the thought of having to get up the next morning and ride another 80 miles!

I’m happy to to report that I completed both days without a single thought of regret. The entire experience was amazing. 

The event was very well organized logistically. Volunteers were very friendly and encouraging and helpful. The rest/water stops were spaced out well. There were tons of people cheering along the way. What really made it special were the people riding. Some were cancer survivors. Others were riding for parents and children and brothers and sisters. I bet there is an incredible story behind every rider. 

I was fortunate to have joined a team of extraordinary individuals, Team Year Up. Thank you for making my first PMC such a memorable experience. 

Here are some of the pictures from the event. 

About the PMC
Each year the Pan-Mass Challenge brings together thousands of impassioned cyclists, committed volunteers, generous donors and dedicated corporate sponsors. Together, they strive to provide Dana-Farber’s doctors and researchers the necessary resources to discover cures for all types of cancer.

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