My end of year review

Good bye 2016. I can’t believe you’re about to end. You have been a rollercoaster, so many ups and downs. For me personally there was much good, bad, ugly, and pain. Definitely a year to remember.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, I hope.

For many years I had been stagnant/complacent/dormant. This year things changed. One day I woke up and decided to change my life, for the positive. April 19, 2016 is a key date as it was the day when I DECIDED to take action. My primary goals: get healthy and lose some weight.

I set myself some loosely defined goals, to which I added as I went along. My changes have been small but consistent. I wanted changes I could maintain going forward.

During the summer I was jogging, walking, a bit of hiking and biking. I explored my surrounding cities. I also changed my diet, I was eating just a bit more healthier.

As summer came to an end and it got dark early in the day, I stopped biking. As the weather got cold I stopped jogging on the streets. For the past two months I’ve been going to the gym. I use the elliptical machine, the treadmill, and the biking machine.

I must confess that I’ve hated a lot of it while I’m doing it, but I’m loving the results. I feel better. I’ve lost 40 lbs. I’ve been able to jog continuously a lot longer. The last couple of jogs I was actually running for a while. 

What’s in store for me next year? New year, new me? NO. New year, OLD ME. 

I’m going to be doing what I’ve been doing and adding activities to my routines. I’m looking forward to trying new things.

2017 – Come at me bro!

10 thoughts on “My end of year review

  1. Lovely to hear from you Will. Nice to know you’re still alive. You’ve managed to write a blog post before the year is up which is more than I have managed (it’s already 2017 here). Hope you keep up the good work in the New Year. The results are amazing. Best wishes. Ann 😊

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    1. Thank you! 2017 has been great so far as exercise and diet. But 2017 is testing me. I’ll be posting about the streak of unfortunate events I’ve experienced so far. I’m almost regretting saying ‘come at me bro!’ 😂😂😂

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    1. Hi!!! Response is only 3 months late 😦

      This year has been great 🙂 I’ve been away but I’ve stayed very active and continue to make progress.

      Thank you for checking in on on me 🙂

      I hope your summer is going amazingly 🙂

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