I started to write this post last week. It was going to be all about how the weather was terrible the entire week, cloudy and wet was the title, but I still managed to go  out 5 times which is just shy of my new goal but it’s better than my previous weekly goal. I think being active 5 times a week might be a happy medium for me. 

This week was much better weather wise. So I changed the title to Sun! I sat on the draft the entire week! The good news is that this week will also be a 5 activity week. 

Cloudy & Wet – Last week the weather pretty freaking crummy. It was dark and cloudy, rainy, cold and windy! This week it got better. 

I’m walking on the sand right now and I’m determined to finish this entry before something else comes up and delays me even more. Life happens. 

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