Weekly Update #11

Last week was the slowest in months. Last Friday I woke up with pain between my back and chest. Felt as if I had pulled something. I had some trouble moving and breathing at times. 

Monday my friend and I went out for an easy walk at Deer Island, 2.7 miles. We jogged up some hills, but we walked most of the peninsula. 

Friday I went out on the bike and completed 25 miles. My body was complaining for the last 10 miles. Saturday I was feeling pretty damn sored. I suppose it’s to be expected when I took a full week off from the bike. 

The good news is that my chest and back pain are gone.

Saturday my brother and I decided to take the boat on the water for a couple of hours. The sea was pretty damn choppy for some reason, but it was lots of fun. 

Lucas is home! Vero, Jose and Lucas left the hospital on Tuesday evening. 

That’s pretty much the week. 

Some of the issues that have risen can be discouraging but I have to make sure to remind myself why I’m trying to get healthy in the first place and push myself when I’m down to keep going.

Thanks for reading. 

13 thoughts on “Weekly Update #11

  1. Hey Will, it’s OK, we all get weeks like this. Sometimes the exercise regime just has to take a rest! But things will take off again. It’s often a case of two steps forward and one step back, but as long as the forward steps keep winning, you will be ok! My week has been pretty slow too with my piriformis pain causing problems. (Dont look at Dave’s Strava from Sunday!)

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    1. I saw Dave’s Strava entry. Riding a century seems to be a regular activity for him, it’s fantastic.
      I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I can only empathize with you. I never suffered from any type of painful condition. The worse I suffered before were shin splints. Now it’s the plantar fasciitis. I do hope you get better.
      As always you help me see things from a different perspective and I thank you for it. Taking a step back helps. I was too caught up in the day to day.


    1. I definitely need to put this week behind me and get back into a better rhythm. Sunday I felt pretty demoralized, but I suppose it’s just life. Can’t stay still; need to keep moving.


  2. A new family member, fun with friends out walking and running … a boat trip! You are taking it slow and move on after barriers got in the way. I think this is all fantastic 😀 there is no goal where you will arrive and never need to care again, it’s about making most of the whole journey and you are setting great examples!

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      1. I hadn’t had recovery time, but I didn’t think I was working hard enough to warrant recovery time. Maybe it’s my body’s way of telling me it needs a break 😂

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  3. I am constantly challenged with what I consider to be small setbacks. I’m challenged when I feel like this setback is worth throwing in the towel, when really it’s not. Day by day! 🙂


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