Guilt Run

Sunday I decided to go out for a jog at 11:05 pm. Why did I do this? I felt guilty 😔 It was my jog of shame. I was procrastinating most of the day before I decided to jog last second.

Why guilt? Two reasons 1) my goals have  4+ active days out of the week. I had only gone out on the bike three times. 2) I went  out with my friend Oscar to celebrate him getting his GED. I stuffed my face with a 20 oz T-Bone steak. 

Saturday I rode 27 miles and I wanted to use Sunday as my rest/recovery day. But at the last second I jumped in my running shoes and shorts and headed out for a 3.7 mile jog from my house to the beach and back.

I thought to myself don’t make excuses. Check off the 4+ activities for the week in your goals. Also, I shouldn’t need too much recovery time after only 27 miles. 

The good news: I came back 48 minutes and 30 seconds later. When I started jogging back in April this same course took me 1 hour and 4 minutes to complete. I’m happy with the progress. 

The bad news: Monday I woke with a really bad case of plantar fasciitis. PF had all but gone away. I had gone out multiple times for longer jogs at Breakhart Reservation. The two differences 1) Breakheart has lots of hills and 2) I was moving faster on Sunday. I felt good; I didn’t feel pain; I wasn’t tired. I was really surprised when I almost fell to the ground when I got off my bed Monday morning!

My solution: Stop jogging/running for a couple of months until PF is completely gone. I will probably see a therapist about it. I’ll be going out on the bike on a regular basis to stay active. 

I’ll increase the distance of my rides every week. Last week I did 20 miles. A few days later I did 27. This week I intend to do a 46 mile course. I don’t care about speed for now. I’ll focus on distance first. Speed is next on the list, but I want to be comfortable on the saddle for 3-4 hours. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading. Keep moving. 

12 thoughts on “Guilt Run

  1. A couple of months?! Dude, no. A week, maybe two, max. Be active in your recovery (meaning do things to make your recovery happen faster). You need to roll your arch on a ball as many times as possible… Ice that foot… PF should be a blip on the screen, not a month off. My last bout was maybe five years ago and I was out of action for a couple of days. I missed one run.

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    1. Thanks Jim. I’ll be icing and rolling more. I used do it twice a day, morning and night. Yesterday I was doing it at work too!
      PT will only affect my jogging. I’m still active and will continue to be active. Biking doesn’t get affected at all.
      Question for you, distance over speed on the bike as I’m getting started? Yesterday for example I repeated the 27 mile course. Average of 14.3 mph, 1047 ft elevation. I’m thinking 20 miles tomorrow and 46 miles on Sunday.
      No running

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      1. I went speed first, then distance. It seemed the easier way to go because I never knew what it was like to go easy over a long distance. It limited the ability to give up and throw in the towel for slower speeds… I’ve only done that once, when I bonked epically.

        For that much elevation, I’m typically around 17.5-18.5 mph average. A little more with a decent group… and I train on flat roads.

        I can do a century with 9,000 feet at 18.5 with four of my friends (Mountain Mayhem – Beat the Heat.

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