Exciting Hour

Today I decided to sneak in a jog after work and before going the movies. I did however significantly underestimate the heat. I knew I was going to eat/drink with friends later in the night, so I was trying to offset calories.

I did my usual 3.8 mile loop close to my house in exactly 1 hour. I should have turned around right away as the heat was terrible. But I’m not very smart 🙂

As I started walking to warm up, I revisit The List of Lists from SRG to review objects to spot. I was on the hunt!

Within five minutes I spot a bicycle just laying outside of a school. I had to go back half a block to get into the school area to grab a shot.

Two minutes later I spot the cart! It’s by the bus stop just waiting for me. I crossed to street to get a close up shot.

I made my way to Revere Beach and my feet were cooked from jogging on pavement in the 95 degree weather. I quickly made my way to the sand! This is where I got a picture of the bird! 

Turns out that Revere Beach is hosting a festival this weekend with sand sculptures, music and some rides!

If you have 2 minutes, watch the quick video.

On the way back home I saw a cool not so rusty little machine!

On the rusty machines front, I went by the rusty car again and took a day picture. It’s a pretty cool challenger!

Close to my house I found a recent accident. I didn’t investigate, but here is a 30 second video of it!

I intended for this to be published before going to the movies, but it’s getting posted AFTER and it’s Saturday 1:20am!

Hope you have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Exciting Hour

    1. God it was so hot! My feet were literally cooking. I was hoping to capture the bird since the bird I captured on a shot before was too small and the other I captured ON the rusty things from the mini golf didn’t count.
      Getting a cave will be a challenge. I only know of one cave around here and I have to take a ferry from Boston to an island.

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  1. Great post Will. Love the videos. Shame there wasn’t such a big crowd for the performers! I notice you stop the film next to the ‘fried dough’ stand. I hope that isn’t significant 😊!! (PS – I think you mean ‘Exciting’ – strange thing this English language!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 Yes I meant Exciting, thank you! 😂
      It was the fried dough stand wasn’t it? 🤔 Great eye! I was good and didn’t have anything from there. I guess it was because I forgot this was happening and I had no dough on me.
      I was bad later, somewhere else 😈


    1. I’ll comeback this weekend and see the sculptors continue their work. I love sand sculptures too! This is a yearly event, I never know when it’s happening and always happen to stumble upon it accidentally 😄

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  2. Oh wow!!!! #spotted BIG TIME!!!! 😂 love your dedication to the #spotted adventure!!!
    Love the sand sculptures too 😍
    Gosh it’s hot here too! That’s sounds weird coming outs my mouth 😎 I’m usually b*****ing about the cold!
    Have fun x

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    1. 😂 I think I only have two objects to spot from the list, then I will need something else to distract me during my jogs!
      I went by the beach again this morning to see the sculptors at work. I’ll be posting the video and pictures early in the week, I hope. I’ll come back tomorrow when the sculptures are complete.
      I’ll ALWAYS take hot over cold 😎

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