Spotted: The Rusty Machine

Here’s my Rusty Machine submission for the “Spotted Challenge”. If you don’t know what it is, please refer to SlowRunnerGirl’s Spotted: The List of List for an explanation, rules, and a list of objects to spot during runs or bike rides.

The car is my official entry because I captured it while running 🙂 I was out running around midnight, thus the picture is pretty terrible! Soooo below are some other rusty machines I captured during the weekend while playing miniature golf with my friend, her daughters, and my son! Hope you enjoy! See if you spot the second object 😉



8 thoughts on “Spotted: The Rusty Machine

    1. I like midnight runs. Since I’m in the city there is less noise, less traffic, etc.
      Although last night I almost got ran over by an idiot driver playing Pokomon @ the beach. The street forks and he drove over the small island and took out the traffic signs.

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