Weekly Update #6

I’ll try to keep this entry short and sweet. I have a few highlights from the week. The main activity for the week was cycling. I was able to get out on the bike four days of the week.

  • Sunday: 10 miles to test out the bike along the beach on flat streets
  • Monday: 16 miles for fun along another beach; aslo flat streets
  • Wednesday: I jogged the hills of Breakheart Reservation to get a gauge my plantar fasciitis and test out my new shoes. It was a nice and slow 3 mile activity which was great for spotting/hunting objects; I captured 3!
  • Thursday: 5 miles on some pretty steep inclines @ Breakheart Reservation
  • Saturday: 15 miles with my friend Jose who was coaching me and encouraging me along the way. These 15 miles were pretty intense and included some ‘nice hills’ and some flat areas.

Tuesday and Friday were my recovery days. Today, Sunday was my cheat day! We had so much fun!!!

I replaced the bike rack for my car with the Saris Bike Rack. It feels sturdier and is easier to load and secure the bike. Those extra 30 seconds really add up!

I received a gift from Jose on Saturday before heading out. It’s the Quad Lock bike mount for my phone! Now I can easily check my Strava stats AND catch Pokemon while going for leisurely rides 😂😂😂. Thank you brother! All joking aside, this gadget is a life saver. It’s easy to attach and remove which makes a world of difference.

That’s the week in a nutshell, Sunday to Sunday. Going forward I’ll try to cover from Monday through Sunday. But then again it’s me and typically plans my plans change.

My learnings this week:

  • I need to continue chipping away at my fitness or lack there of
  • I like biking
  • I’m not ready for serious hills on the bike yet
  • I was reminded that fun with family and friends is the most important activity. Don’t loose track of the ultimate goal which is: You’re getting healthier to spend more quality time with your son! Family and friends is your second ultimate goal.

Thanks for reading. I hope you had a great week as well!

I’m adding this entry to the Spotted Challenge. I realized my “Super Coach” is my buddy Jose. He has been instrumental in my biking efforts and we took our first ride together this Saturday. He’s in the first image with me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekly Update #6

  1. WILL!!! chip away at those hills… i used to look at hills on my run and head the other way. Annie (Unsportywomancanrun) and Shas (Shazruns) gave me this advice… i will share it with you…
    First time i did a hill, i puked at the top… now i embrace them, the feeling of conquering a hill and going on to enjoy it is THE single best feeling… and if you can allow your mind to let your body give it a go, you body will go and push itself beyond your expectations… baby steps… but you will get there… keep giving it a go… there is no RIGHT time to start… Its your mind playing with you 🙂
    This is what Shaz and Annie told me…

    The man on the top of the mountain? he didn’t fall there 🙂 and the view is SPECTACULAR!

    GO GET EM! you are doing an amazing job!!!

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    1. Thank you for the advice! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up. I’m actually coming back to those hills this week. I’m not going to be happy until I can got around a few times.

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    1. I keep hearing how great hills are. My brother told me to do hills when I had the terrible shin splints. I was reading Jim’s entry at FitRecovery how hills got his cycling speed to 20+ mph. I’m definitely going to continue hills, until they become my friends 😂😂😂

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