Spotted: Rocks, Bike, and Chimney

I’m not a runner nor a biker but I play both on the internet! About three months ago I simply made the decision to get healthier. Problem #1 – I love food! Problem #2 – I don’t like exercise! When you combine these two problems you’re in big trouble; by “you’re in trouble” I mean I’m in big trouble!

I don’t want to spend hours at the gym, so given option between the gym or exercise out in the open, the latter will always win. I’ve tried to lose weight in the past but after a month or two I usually stop. In an attempt to keep me honest and keep me going I started this blog.

This blog is intended for me to go back and look at what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve done to get healthy. It has, however, become an outlet for more than tracking activities. I’ve found a super supportive community who share ideas, values, stories, tips, and overall motivate each other to keep going.

With that long introduction out-of-the-way, let me get to the meat of “The Hunt” or “The Spotted”! SlowRunnerGirl and others turn exercise such as running, jogging, and biking into a sort of game or challenge. During your activity keep an eye out for certain objects. For a full list of objects and rules visit her entry; she does a much better job explaining whole concept.

Yesterday my buddy Mike and I went on out to Breakheart Reservation in Saugus for a leisurely walk/jog/cycling session. He wanted to try out my new used bike! I wanted to try jogging on my new new shoes.

It was a wonderfully hot and humid day! I didn’t want to get hurt so I walked over 50% of the route. I jogged up the hills and also jogged for two 5 minutes segments on the flat sections. Today I was not crying from pain, so I’m thinknig the new shoes are doing their job!

I was ready to “Spot” a couple of objects from the list. I knew that I was going to see rocks because I’ve been there before, is that cheating?! So figured I’d combine two objects in one shot, the bike and the rock. While I was looking for some cool rock formations, I came accross the chimney! So below are pictures from yesterday. Hope you enjoy!


The Bike & The Rock


The Chimney & The Rock!

8 thoughts on “Spotted: Rocks, Bike, and Chimney

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    1. What’s really interesting is that I’ve gone by it so many times in the past and never noticed before!

      It was fun! My head was not in ‘work’ mode. It was on spotting/hunting mode. Don’t get wrong I was drenched in sweat after running up the inclines, but the experience was different.

      I was also searching something cool that could be another unique object to spot.

      I hope the shoes keep me PF pain free. Today I also received my ankle and foot compression sleeve which is intended to help with PT too. We’ll see.

      Ohh and I was able to get a bird but it was tiny!!! You can bare make it out. I have ideas where I’ll go for spotting birds and ships. I’ll have to work a bit harder for the rusted machine.

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    1. I have an idea where I’ll go searching for a rusty machine. It’s far from home. I’ll either take the bike there or drive to my brother’s house which is a lot closer to the spot.


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