Weekly Update #4

This will be a quick update because it has been a easy week. At this moment I’m relaxing on the beach in New Hampshire’s Hampton Beach.

Feels like forever since ran. This week I’ve taken it easy. I didn’t run a single day, not even the Pena 5K. There were two activities for the week 1) 5 mile walk at Breakhart Reservation and 2) biking to and from work on Thursday evening as a trial run. It was 8.5 miles each way and took just under 1 hour to complete. 

I did continue to eat fairly healthy and avoid ginormous portions. 
On Wednesday I made it out to the driving range to release to tension. ​

On Saturday we went to Georges Island which is only 7 miles from Boston’s shore.

The good news is I didn’t gain any weight, stayed flat at 250.

This coming week I’ll pick up the intensity again and hopefully make some damage on my weight.