Heart Monitor

I need a new heart monitor. In my End of Month Update I mentioned I purchased the FitBit Blaze. Well, I returned it after reading reports of it not measuring accurately AND also wanting to buy the wireless headphones. 

I’m in the market for a heart monitor now. I want to see how my heart rate is doing while I’m running so I can adjust accordingly. 

I was thinking of getting a chest strap over a wrist option simply because I have a Fitbit already that’s tracking steps and anytime I got out for a run I use the Runkeeper app to track distance with GPS. It would be redundant getting a wrist HRM with all the bells and whistles. I want something simple and accurate. 

Research time. Any recommendations would be appreciated 😄


4 thoughts on “Heart Monitor

    1. I’m really torn. I was thinking I want the chest strap for two reason, one the one you mentioned. The second I didn’t want another wrist watch or tracker. I think might need to try both.


  1. slowandsteadydave

    I now have the Garmin Forerunner 620 which tracks movement (GPS) and records heart rate (with strap) and I love it. I like the data from Garmin to Strava and Training Peaks. All very useful for training.

    I used to have a Polar FT1 which I found to be a very reliable monitor. I had it paired with equipment at a local hospital and it was right on the mark. Runkeeper can be paired with most Polar heart rate monitors. You can check them out at the address below.


    Hope that’s helpful.

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