This Week’s Goals

Reading is one of my new habits since my lifestyle change. One of the books suggests that writing down long term and short term goals increases the chances of successfully completing  the goals significantly. Also, short term goals should be specific. I’ll be posting my long term goals soon. Help me keep me honest. Here are my goals for this week. 

  1. Jog in the morning, before going into work, at least three times a week. Total time should be 60 minutes or more; to include 10-15 warm up walk and 5-10 min cool down walk. Total distance should be 3+ miles. 
  2. Get up at 5am at least three times a week; in order to accomplish #1. 
  3. Get to bed no later than 11pm at least three times this week, again to help with #1 and #2. 
  4. 20K steps a day for at least six days, to be tracked with Fitbit. This one should be completed with my buddy Mike. He’s participating in a walking challenge at work and needs to finish  strong. 
  5. Continue eating healthy food this week too. Hopefully I can shave the beard this weekend. 

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Goals

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