Sunday Morning Jog

Today is the second Sunday I decide to go for a morning jog. The sun was out but it wasn’t hot and there was a nice breeze. I was remembering my last morning jog and was hoping today would be better. Last Sunday’s run simply sucked.  

On Thursday’s run my Couch to 5K app told me I should jog for 20 minutes continuously. I decided to repeat the previous program instead, jog for 8 minutes twice with a 5 minute walk in between. 

I started today’s run with a 15 minute warm up walk and decided to attempt the 20 min continuous jog. I figured I can stop early if I had to. 

I’m feeling good the first five minutes… Then my ankles and shins calfs begin to feel miserable. Around this point my head starts to race. Why? Is that I’m not a morning person? Is it the shoes? Is it the terrain? WTF! 

After 10 minutes of jogging I began to feel better again and i was arriving at the beach. Remembering what slowrunnergirl said, maybe I should try different terrains. I decided to get over on the sand. I jogged the rest of the way on the sand. 

Once I hit the 20 minute mark, I started walking again. Maybe it was the ocean breeze or the sand but once I was jogging on the sand I felt even better. I’ll have to integrate the sand more often on my future jogs. 

Overall I felt pretty damn good by the time I made it back home. Just in time for a quick shower then Father’s Day breakfast at my parents.

I’ll be adding a disclaimer at the end of these entries. Please excuse spelling mistakes as I’m posting this from my phone. 

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