Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.
– Albert Einstein

No, I’m not going to attempt to explain the theory of relativity. Continue reading.

A quick refresher and context setting. 1) As soon as the weather is tolerable here in Massachusetts my friends and family go to Deer Island in Winthrop, once a week to walk or jog or run. It’s actually a peninsula not an Island, but that’s besides the point. It’s a beautiful 2.66 mile scenic route, not quite a full 5K but we dubbed it “Pena 5K”. 2) April 19, 2019 was the day when I got my behind off the couch and to a gym for the first time in years.

My first Pena 5K this year was on April 21st, only two days after my first gym visit. I walked the entire thing and completed it in 45 minutes and 45 seconds! Not a great showing, but I made it out and completed it. The following days I kept going to the gym and worked on the elliptical machine and the treadmill. Whenever the weather allowed I’d walk/jog a 2.5 mile loop around my house using the Couch to 5K app.

I’ve stuck to the weekly Pena 5K religiously since that first run on April 21st. I couldn’t make it to the island a couple of times, but I’ve completed it virtually. My time to complete it slowly began to decrease.

Left to right: Me; my brother Jose; my sister in-law Vero. Before each Pena 5K I take a selfie with the group. Yesterday it was only three of us.

On May 12th, my time had decreased to 36 minutes and 40 seconds. A week later, on May 19th, my time had decreased again by over 3 minutes to 33 minutes and 31 seconds. Seeing the progress encouraged me and motivated me to keep going.

May 26th and June 2nd were my virtual runs @ Revere Beach. On June 9th my  plantar fasciitis (PF) condition didn’t allow me to run, so I compensated by walking 8 miles.

All of this brings me to yesterday’s Pena 5K.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been walking a lot and not much running. My PF is almost gone and I was feeling good. I was excited to see if I would improve my time since the last time I ran it over a month ago. I was only hoping to finish under 33 minutes and 31 seconds.

To my amazement when I looked at the tracker upon finishing, it read 30 minutes and 29 seconds! I was overcome with excitement, joy, happiness, and sense of accomplishment. I was so proud of myself I had to shout a loud “YES! YEAH!“. To this moment I’m still ecstatic. It’s a great feeling.

Vero took a picture of me as I started to run. Thank you Vero!

Coming back to relativity. Completing 2.66 miles in 30 minutes and 29 seconds is a great accomplishment for me, but it’s a joke to any serious runner.

Like everything else in life there are others in life who are better off than you and others who are worse off than you. Be happy with what you have. Look around and be thankful for what you have rather than what you wish you had. This has served me well in life. It applies to all aspects of life. There will always be someone who’s faster than you; someone who makes more money than you; someone who’s smarter than you; someone who has your dream car or a bigger house; someone who travels more than you; and the list goes on forever.

I’ve been working on my goals post and I’ll publish it soon. One of my goals is to complete the Pena 5K @ Deer Island in 25 minutes or less. Yesterday’s run encourages me to keep working towards my arbitrary 25 minutes goal.

Thanks for reading! I didn’t realize how therapeutic writing this blog would become.


7 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. mawil1

    Yay! I’m so pleased for you. I know how I would feel if I could get my 5k down to 30 minutes!!! Like you say, always someone faster, slower whatever but if we can enjoy where we are we have it made😊😊 a little dream/ambition doesn’t do any harm though. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I should have added that having goals, aspirations IS crucial and it’s necessary. But the reasons behind the goals should be self derived.
      I agree 100% with you.
      The greater the goal the greater the reward AND even if you don’t necessarily reach your end goal you’ll probably be better off than when you started.

      Liked by 1 person

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