New headphones

Listening to music, podcasts, and audio books while I’m running, jogging or walking seems to make the time pass faster. This doesn’t apply when walking with friends.

Last week I decided to invest in a nice set of wireless headphones. I read rave reviews about them and I made the jump.

I purchased the JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Wireless headphones. I love mostly everything about them.

Things I love

  • I can customize the sound profile and it carries accross any device
  • How light they are
  • The design
  • How comfortable they are
  • It can pair it to two devices at the same time and it works!

Things I don’t love

  • Range – The connection occasionally cuts in and out intermittently.  This happens when I have the phone on my left hand or left pocket. It works well when I have my phone on my right hand or right pocket. According to the manufacturer there are two reasons for this behavior 1) the headset antenna is located in the right-side earpiece and 2) the optimal range for the device is 2 feet from your music device. It seems this is an industry standard with any wireless headsets. I’ll have to test this claim for myself using other wireless headsets.
  • Battery – The battery life is about 4 hours without the charging clip. The charging clip adds another 4 hours to the headset, it also adds a little weight.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase and plan to keep it.

Do you have any experience with wireless headsets? I’m skeptical about the range claim.


5 thoughts on “New headphones

  1. slowandsteadydave

    I’m still not sold on wireless, but will happily make the jump when I’m convinced they are 100% reliable. I don’t always listen to music, but when I do I’m constantly getting tangled up in the wire! Ha, ha.

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  2. I’ve tried wireless headphones quite recently. I don’t remember the brand, but they weren’t cheap. They barely worked at all unless my phone was right out in the open beside them. Didn’t work inside a pocket or my running belt, which made them pretty useless to me. If I held the phone in my hand or used an arm holder for it, they worked but cut out often. I sent them back. Maybe I’ll try wireless again in future when the technology has improved.


  3. I have recently discovered wireless headphones that are concealed within a warm beanie hat (and only costing about £15) These are great because I can hear the music but I can also hear the road and traffic. Where I run is mainly on small country roads (just about one and a bit car widths) so I have to be able to hear what’s coming. The Bluetooth always works well and has never cut out. However I can only use these in winter as my head would be too hot in summer!!! In the summer I like to listen to the birds singing😀


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