New headphones

Listening to music, podcasts, and audio books while I’m running, jogging or walking seems to make the time pass faster. This doesn’t apply when walking with friends.

Last week I decided to invest in a nice set of wireless headphones. I read rave reviews about them and I made the jump.

I purchased the JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Wireless headphones. I love mostly everything about them.

Things I love

  • I can customize the sound profile and it carries accross any device
  • How light they are
  • The design
  • How comfortable they are
  • It can pair it to two devices at the same time and it works!

Things I don’t love

  • Range – The connection occasionally cuts in and out intermittently.  This happens when I have the phone on my left hand or left pocket. It works well when I have my phone on my right hand or right pocket. According to the manufacturer there are two reasons for this behavior 1) the headset antenna is located in the right-side earpiece and 2) the optimal range for the device is 2 feet from your music device. It seems this is an industry standard with any wireless headsets. I’ll have to test this claim for myself using other wireless headsets.
  • Battery – The battery life is about 4 hours without the charging clip. The charging clip adds another 4 hours to the headset, it also adds a little weight.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase and plan to keep it.

Do you have any experience with wireless headsets? I’m skeptical about the range claim.

Weekly Update 2

Where to start? Overall I’m feeling good about the changes I’ve made so far and my newly developed habits. Most importantly I’m feeling good about myself; I’m feeling happier; I have more energy. There are days when I do feel sored after an intense run or a long walk, but it’s not that bad.

Monday this week I found a gift on my desk from someone at work, thank you Hadley. It was a book, Younger Next Year, I’ve been reading it any chance I get. I’m learning a lot from it and have started to implement some of the advice in it. I’ve ordered the accompanying exercise book.


  • Lots of walking – In the past 7 days I’ve logged 7 walking logs in my run keeper for a total of 26 miles walked. I purposely get off the train many stations before my stop to walk for about an hour in the afternoon/evening. I’ve also walked to train stations further away from my house to get in a 40 min walk before work. One I left my car at home to walk to the train station in the morning and in the evening.
  • Jogging/Running – Sunday I went out for a morning jog. I’ve never done that before; shin splints were bothering me during this jog. Tuesday I went out to the beach for a jog in the evening. To my delight the shin splints were gone and PF was barely noticeable! My couch to 5K app moved me to the next level, two 8 minutes of jogging sessions. I felt great after the 31 minute program (5 min warm up, 8 min jog, 5 min walk, 8 min jog, 5 min cool down).
  • Today I’ll be going out to Deer Island for our weekly Pena 5K. I’m hoping my time will improve. The last time I completed it in 33 min and 32 seconds, about 3 minutes improvement from the previous week. I hope to be closer to 30 minutes this week.


  • Plantar fasciitis is getting better
  • Shin Splints showed their ugly face during the weekend, but disappeared during the week

In the bedroom:

  • I haven’t removed the TV from the room yet, BUT I haven’t turned it on in a few days. I believe I will completely remove it this weekend.
  • Shades are blacked out.
  • I brought an old school alarm clock, so I can leave my phone outside the bedroom. 
  • Early riser – due to work circumstances I’ve had to get up early for about a week now and I don’t hate it! I’ll try to keep getting up early going forward and go for a jog or walk in the morning before heading to work.


  • During the weekend I gained a few lbs because I love food and have no self control over it yet. Mom’s cooking is so damn delicious!
  • Breakfast- I’ve been good during weekdays. I’ve been eating veggie omelette switch feta cheese.
  • Lunch – I’ve been good during the weekdays too. I’ve tried to get smaller portions and healthy choices from work’s cafe.
  • Dinner – I could do better here. Currently I’ve stopped cooking because it takes long and by the time I get home it’s too late. I’m getting my food cooked by my friend’s aunt. She cooks all kinds of stuff, some healthy and others not so much, but all delicious:)
  • I’ve tried to avoid rice
  • No soft drinks

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to keep these short in the future. I’ll also try to post throughout the week after activities.