End of Month Update

This has been my most productive month activity wise ever! I suppose it’s easy when I’ve only been consistently tracking  for two months.

I use Runkeeper to track my activity. This month I logged 18 activities and 53 miles vs 10 activities and 27 miles last month.

I also use the Couch to 5K application for the first 30 mins. I walk/jog/run as much as I can after.

I was reminded by SlowRunnerGirl and my friend who is a marathon runner that I shouldn’t focus only on speed. Today I ran the couch to 5k routine slower than other days but felt good at the end.

Next on the list: Sleep. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier than my regular midnight+ bedtime. I’ve set a goal of going to sleep by 11pm at least 4 nights a week. To help with the early bedtime I’ve also committed to removing the TV from my room. I’m determined that my bedroom will be for sleeping and sex; not in that order!

Next on the list: Diet. The good news I haven’t gained weight. The bad news I haven’t lost weight in over a week. I haven’t been watching what I eat as an experiment. I wanted to see if exercise alone would make me lose some weight. I found the answer: NO.

Run related purchases:

  • New shoes – Brooks 13
  • Running soxs
  • Running boxer briefs
  • Running Hydration Pack
  • Fitbit Blaze – I’d like to determine my base heart monitor, then I increase intensity or distance as my body adjusts to the exercise.

Thanks for reminding!