No more changes

The web designer/developer in me kicked in for the past few days in this blog!  I’ve been changing designs, colors, layouts, etc.

I have to remind myself that this blog is not to feature my coding or design skills; it’s an outlet to express my thoughts and keep track of my life changes.

Writing and expressing my thoughts are not things I’m used to doing. I’ve never really done it before. Writing is one of my weakest suit.

I could blame English as a second language, but it isn’t. Perhaps it’s the way I was raised or the culture I was raised in the early years of life. Perhaps it’s my lack of creativity. I truly don’t know. Thus, I reverted back to my comfort zone which is the technical aspects of the blog instead of concentrating on writing content instead.


I promise I’m done messing around with this blog’s design and layout for a few months.

photo credits: GEDC027742-23899318 via photopin (license)