Learning to Cook

I have to preface this by saying my Mom is a wonderful cook. I wish I had paid more attention when I was younger while she was making some really amazing dishes.

Cooking was never an interest I had; eating out at restaurants, delis, pizza places, etc. is more my style.

The decision to change my lifestyle made me revisit the cooking issue. I took the easy way out and signed up for Blue Apron!

Ingredients and detailed recipes were delivered to my house every Saturday. I am learning to cook and learning to love it!

I’m attaching some pictures of the dishes I’ve created so far.

Next, I will pause Blue Apron for a while and will ask my Mom to teach me her secrets. She’s old school; she uses no recipes. She cooks by taste and memory. She makes some delicious traditional meals that I’m looking forward to learn.


5 thoughts on “Learning to Cook

  1. Those meals look fantastic!
    I always used to wish I’d taken more interest in cooking when I was younger. I always liked to make cakes (what kid doesn’t like to scrape the bowl after it’s mixed?) but didn’t care much about meals. I started to take an interest a few years ago and I’m not so bad now! Can’t make a bolognese or chilli taste as good as my mum’s, but I think that’s just how life goes!
    Good luck with your cooking adventure!

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