Lifestyle Change

I’ve never really paid attention to nutrition, calories, carbohydrates, etc. In fact I still don’t know what of foods are high in carbs, fiber, or iron. I’ve never dieted.

I suppose this is why my weight got out of control.

The changes I’m making now are lifestyle changes. I’m attempting to develop new habits that will benefit my health and a nice add on is weight loss. I intend to keep doing for the rest of my life or until I’m physically capable of doing.

I didn’t want to change my diet or eat foods I’d hate; I didn’t want to deprive myself of foods I love; I didn’t want to take pills or shakes or anything of the sort because to me it’s not sustainable or healthy.

In the past I tried using some weight pills which my friend recommended. The pills did its job and suppressed my appetite. I lost about 20 lbs in about a month. A few months later I gained all the weight back and more!

There are three new habits I’ve been working to adapt:

  1. Exercise on the regular – at the start I’m putting more effort and emphasis on it because it’s a new habit and I’m trying to drop enough weight that it won’t be too taxing on my body
  2. Diet / Meals / Portion Size – I know that eating out every day and eating junk food are bad for me but I used to do it every day.
  3. Sleep – So far this has been the hardest habit to adopt. I’ve been a night owl as far as I can remember. Going to bed anywhere from 1am to 3am was normal.

This entries are meant for me to go back in the future and see my progress. But if this helps at all let me know.

6 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change

  1. Christine

    Hon, you are setting an example for the rest of us and I’m proud of you. We’ve all put on weight in our little stretch of cubes! If you walk at lunch time, I’d love to go with you. You are, and always will be, the smartest person I know. Don’t feel like you’ve stagnated, look at it as pausing to contemplate what to do next, and go do it. ❤

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  2. slowandsteadydave

    Exercise regularly, eat well and get lots of sleep…hard to argue with any of that. We are on similar paths so I can appreciate the work you must be putting into this. Good luck, Will.

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    1. Thank you Dave. I have to keep in mind that it’s not sprint but a marathon; that it’s not a diet or I’m not in it to lose weight but to improve my lifestyle and grow healthy.
      p.s. I enjoyed your list of excuses for not running. You might want to lookup the book ‘Younger Next Year’. I’m going through it now and it’s all about how you can be functionally younger and stay young until you’re in your 80s! They might get interested after hearing that 😉


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