My goal is to run a 5K or 3.2miles under 30 minutes by the end of summer.

There’s a course of 2.5 miles that I started to jog/walk which is a controlled route to gauge progress.

When I started tracking my progress I completed the route in 39.13 minutes; yesterday I completed the same route in 35.30 mins which is about 10% improvement. For this particular route the goal is to complete it under 25 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Walking/Joggin/Running

  1. Great to have a goal. I have just made 5k in under 30′ and I was so pleased😀 We are lucky to have parkrun here in the uk which is brilliant. I don’t think there is one in Boston yet. There’s lots about my running on my website and blog – also recipes for cake😀 Would love you to have a look of you’ve got time. Keep it up!

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    1. Thank you for reading. We don’t have a park run here in Boston.
      We have created a pseudo 5K, we run/walk/jog around a nice peninsula which is 2.5 miles every week.

      We dubbed it our weekly “Pena 5K”. It’s lots of fun and because it’s the same route it’s a good way to keep track of my progress.


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